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This is the selling journal of kittun

I hope to post goodies that someone may want :]!

Okay, so I thought I would put a little more information about me.

If you are unsure about me as a seller, please feel free to take a look at my buying and selling accounts on eBay. =)!

You can either check, rayezilla or countless_collections, both are me.

If you are interested in purchasing something, please leave me a comment or contact me directly at

Prices DO NOT include shipping (unless stated otherwise). Depending on what all you buy, the shipping charge will reflect that, but I will of course let you know beforehand and make sure it is okay.

I accept cash in plain envelope (at your own risk), money orders, or Paypal with an added fee to the total of the purchase because of the fees they charge.

Alright! Hope you can find something you like!

Oh here are links to my eBay profiles:

As you can tell from them, I've been out of the eBay loop for a little bit now.

Some things.


I have a bunch of Japanese books and magazines for sale.

The books: Ribon and Nakayoshi, which are the ones that include manga. They are all older, but are an excellent way to practice Japanese and also good for like studying for drawing and such.

The magazines: Various Japanese magazines, such as Cutie, Cawaii, SCawaii and such. These are also older and always a great way to get some fashion inspiration.

Like I said, these magazines are all older, so from last year or the year before or whatevers.

Price would be $7 each, which includes the shipping. If I know you and live close magazines are $1 each, while manga books are $2.

I can take pictures of them if you want.

Also, I have a bunch of items from Ojamajo Doremi. An IVy figure (from Soul Caliber) thats still in the box, but the box is a bit ruined.

I'm just really sick of everything and want to get rid of it all.

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Well, I went through my plushies..
Remember all prices include shipping!

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So, I opened up a box of figures.. and wooooo do I have a big big mess on my hands. As you can probably guess, I spent shit ton of money on my things.. so you truly are getting them at a great price!